Vancouver XII: :‘)

The title tries to say: I’m happy and I’m sad at the same time. I have about 24 hours to go before I leave Vancouver, my homestay, my other life, Canada, my new friends after five wonderful weeks. I’m soo happy that I did that trip. That reminds me of the sentence: You rather regret something you did instead of regret something you didn’t do.

Yesterday morning I went shopping with my hostmum. I love to see other (grocery) stores and I even found some pokadot shirts, a pyjama and a new (pink) suitcase 🙂 We decided to drive down to Steveston to have fish and chips. Unfortunately it was quite windy and cool there but it would be very nice in real summer. After we picked up her daughter from school we went home and I made some Chocolate-Chip-Apricot cookies together with the girl. Yummie, those were sooo good 🙂 Later in the evening I was watching the movie called ‚the best exotic marigold hotel‚ which I can highly recommend!

Last night I had another fitful sleep like all the weeks and months before. I guess I’m thinking too much and I hope I can figure these things out when I’m back home to get some better sleep in the future.

And today I went downtown for my last day. I walked along Granville street. I sat down in front of Canada place and read a book. I was very surprised when someone said ‚Hey‘ so me. I didn’t realised in the first time that I was meant. It was a guy from the Rockies-Tour. He joined our group only for two days and we didn’t speak a lot with each other so I’m happy that he recognized me and spoke to me 🙂 Later on I had a lunch date, my last one, with my Mexican friend. I will miss her so much. She’s such a treasure.

Now I’m back home, at my homestay and my best homestay mum ever is cooking my favorite meal. Pork with an onion-lemon-bbq-sauce and potato salad. I’m extremely grateful that they will drive me to the airport tomorrow.

In conclusion: I’m really looking forward to seeing again my boyfriend, my best friend, my family, my apartment, my neighborhood, my cafe. And I’ll miss my hostfamily, my mexican friend, my Vancouver-home, my neighborhood, walking, cheap sushi and my BnB host who I will see again in Switzerland in December, luckily.

See you tomorrow, my beloved ones!

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