Vancouver XI: Seattle

Last Saturday I had to get up at 5 because I was supposed to be at Canada Place at 7am to go to Seattle. As I had to make sure I be there on time I left the house at 5.40 and got a bus a 6. 30mins later I was already downtown, luckily. After boarding on the bus I figured out that 80% or more of the group are Italiens I changed my place that all of them could sit together. We drove to the US-border and at noon we finally arrived at the Premium outlet. The tourguide gave us four hours of shopping time. Waaay too much time for me but not enough for the other. Oh, I should tell you that the Italians were all under 20. Like 14 until 18 years old. Oh goosh. And their leader, a woman in her 60s, was such a pain in the …. She always asked silly questions, complained and was talking rude in Italian about the tourguides :-/

Anyway, I found some stuff at the Outlets and relaxed. After that we drove to Seattle city and went to a beautiful view point where we stepped into a wedding 🙂 We stayed at the ‚Quality Inn‘ which is very close to the space needle and the monorail. Because I was to only one who was over 21 and able to go to a Pub there was no optional activity for the whole group but I went out for dinner and a live music gig with the tourguides, which was actually very fun!

On Sunday the three of us went to the Cheescake Factory for breakfast and I enjoyed my huge belgian waffle with strawberries, pecans and chantilly cream 🙂 After that the guides went back to the hotel, because they were supposed to give an optional walking tour through Seattle. I discovered the city by myself and visited the Pike Place market which is a wonderful place to get some souvenirs 😉 Towards the end of my available time I was waiting to go up the space needle and I really enjoyed the different view of the city. Lucky me that weekend was also the food and music festival called ‚Bite of Seattle‘ so I got some Terriyaki chicken with noodles for lunch and tried Funnel cakes with cinnamon sugar 🙂

At four we were getting ready to drive back to Vancouver. I got in the bus and placed my wallet on a free seat (other than the way to Seattle) and went back to the washroom. When I came back there was another (Italian) guy sitting half on my seat and looked at me so innocent and asked, if this is my stuff. As I said yes he was struggling with going away and said then: „Oh you know, this girl would love to sit close to us.“ Since I didn’t have any friends on the bus, I agreed that she can sit there and walked to the only available seat. When I said: „Excuse me“ he just answered: „Oh, but there are lots of bags.“ And I thought, are you kidding? It’s the only seat left. Whatever…

For my part I saw too many homeless, sick and crazy people that make me feel uncomfortable. So I didn’t fall in love with Seattle but it’s a nice city. If I should be close to it, maybe I visit it again 😉

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