Vancouver X: sunset

About 24hours ago I was in a pretty lazy day. I slept a little bit longer, enjoyed my walnut bread and some fruits and chilled out 🙂 For a late lunch I went for Sushi with my hostmum. Yuummie, very delicious Salmon rolls at ‚Sushi Inn‘. And because we were so close we also visited the Butter shop to get some sweets for later. They sell sooo good cookies (e.g. Snickerdoodles), bars and others.

I spent the afternoon down in the patio and relaxed in the sun. Reading, snoozing, chilling 🙂 Friends of my hostfamily came by and we spent some time together. Later on we had some cellery with homemade hummus, hawaian pizza and some with sundried tomatoes.

Lucky me, my hostmum drove with me to spanish banks to watch the sunset and it was totally worth it because it was stunning. Actually it was my first sunset in Canada 🙂

I spent another gorgeous day in Vancouver and tomorrow I’m leaving the city for a 2-days trip to Seattle 🙂 Talk to you next week then.

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