Vancouver VIII: friends

As I already said before I made some really lovely friends here in Canada from all around the globe. So yesterday I had another beautiful and I would also say perfect day. I met my Mexican friend for lunch in downtown. We grabbed some salad and went to the harbor to eat. Both uf us looove this place 🙂 After that it was my first time I took the seabus (kind of a ferry but only for people without cars) up to North Vancouver. Because we wanted to go to Lynn Canyon Park we had to take another Bus. Luckily the bus driver yelled at an unknown bus stop that this is for the Suspension bridge. After about 1km walk we arrived at the bridge which wasn’t as long as I expected but compared to the Capilano suspension bridge it’s for free. The part I liked the most about this trip were the twin falls. The water was so clear that I’d love to swim in it 🙂 It was pretty hot and humid yesterday that I was sweaty afterwards but I really enjoyed the experience and the time with my friend. Back in town we went for a small dinner to Urban Sushi which is not recommendable!

I had some plans for the evening but about 2.5hours left until that so I walked through the city and enjoyed the warmth of the sun at English bay. Later on I met my BnB host, a cousin and another friend of her for the free outdoor movie on second beach in Stanley Park. We brought some camping chairs and got some very delicious Gelato on our way. The movie ‚Spaceballs‘ was funny altough it would have been funnier if I’d seen Star Wars and Alien before 🙂 We also had some really nice chats about god and the world and got a Cab to get home around midnight 🙂

I really appreciate it that I met these gorgeous people. I’m very very grateful that they like to spend time with me and I really love them.

I’m happy 🙂

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