Vancouver VII: Rockies

As you already know I came back from a seven days trip trough the Canadian Rocky Mountains last Friday. Originally I booked a 9-days trip because I have the time and the money and was looking forward to go hiking. In the beginning I thought I will be with the whole group all nine days and get to know them very well but during the first day on the road we figured out that there are many different tours on this bus. In the first two days I already found my new friends and because they only booked the 7-days trip I quickly called the office and shorten my tour as well. Otherwise I would have had to leave them on Monday already. I told the German girl from the agency I rather enjoy the shorter trip with new friends instead of hanging out with some people I don’t really like. I won’t get my money back but it’s possible, she said. Unfortunately I wasn’t on the correct tour-list on Monday and neither on Tuesday but luckily there was a seat available. I called the office again on Tuesday to make sure I will always get my space in the bus an the accommodations and after our free day I was on the correct list on Thursday.

But now I’m talking about the beauty of my trip trough the Rockies 🙂 Because it would take too much time to tell you the whole trip, I point out the villages we visited and afterwards a short overview about the stops we made. I took lots of pictures, that’s for sure, you can find these over 400 on flickr. Thanks for comments 😉

In the following cities we spend one or two nights: Kelowna (Samesun hostel with delicious salmon for dinner), Banff (Samesun hostel with very bad wi-fi), Jasper (Hostel International without running water!) and Shushwap (Salmon Arm) (small hostel with delicious Quesadillas and good wi-fi). Oh, we even changed to another time zone on our trip 🙂

We saw lots of different water falls and I can’t remember all the names. Other swiss in our group always said: „Well, we also have this (glacier, mountains, lakes, whatever) in Switzerland.“ He wasn’t that excited. Yes, there are a lot of similarities but this wideness of this country is amazing and there are sooooo many trees. When we were driving up to Lake Louise we even saw a young grizzly 😀 What a luck. Lake Louise is a beautiful lake, the most pictured lake in north america if I’m right, but there are so many tourists. I think, I liked Moraine Lake the most. And the best view was on the top of Sulphur mountain down to Banff and other directions.

To come to an end: It was an awesome trip! I met wonderful people from Germany, Switzerland, Australia and the UK. I saw beautiful Canadian landscapes. And it was worth it to shorten my trip 🙂

Now I’m back in my lovely homestay until I’m going back to Switzerland on Wednesday 25th July. I am relaxing now, going to Seattle the upcoming weekend, meeting my Mexican friend from school, meeting my BnB host, enjoy life and won’t hurry. Life can be soooo good 🙂

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