Vancouver VI: wallet

I’m back in Vancouver since Friday night and before I tell you about my seven days in the Canadian Rocky Mountains I’d like to write my story about my lost wallet.

We arrived in downtown Vancouver at around 6pm and after my friend checked-in at her hostel we went to a mexican restaurant on Granville Street to get some dinner. When I wanted to pay my tacco salad I cleaning out my backpack for my wallet but I couldn’t find it.  So my lovely friend payed for my food and was also looking for my moneybag but without any luck. I was shocked when I realised that I don’t have any money, no credit or debit card. I figured out that I forgot my wallet in the small village called Hope which is about a 2hours drive away from Vancouver. We had our last stop there and instead like always I only took my wallet and not the whole backpack with me because I only wanted to get some money from the bank. After I got 200$ I went to the public washroom in the ‚friendship garden‘ and let the wallet on the toiletpaper thing.

A few tears later I called my hostmum and she was so great. She was equally active during the call and was looking up the phone number of the local police station. After a few minutes I got a message that the office got a wallet with a swiss ID in it. Unbelievable isn’t it? Because I didn’t have any money and no bus ticket my friend lend me 20$ and I took the bus back to my homestay and it was so lovely that she hugged me.

Saturday was just so miserable. I was alone at home because my hostfamily was celebrating the birthday of their daughter in a park. I was on the phone with my mum and my sister and I looked so sad. I texted with other friends and all people who heard about my story on facebook, twitter or wherever told me: Stay. „We can send you some money. We will figure it out. Hang in there!“ And that happened while I was already looking for a plane home. I thought without any money I don’t want to stay. I rather go home and get back my cards. In the afternoon the door bell rang and two neighbor kids I already knew were telling me that they’re driving up to Hope and they heard about my wallet-story. Awww, I was overwhelmed. So lovely people. Unfortunately I heard that this police station is closed on the weekend so there was no sense to go with them.

In the evening, my hostmum’s mobile rang and she passed it to me. I listened to a woman who said: „We got your walled. Everything is in it. Credit cards, cash, insurance cards…“ Oh my gooooosh. I was so relieved! After I described her the wallet and what should be in it, she confirmed that the neighbors family could get it for me. Unbelievable. Amazing!

Happy end: Yesterday (Sunday my time) evening I went by their house and got back my wallet with all my cards, 10 CHF and 160$. I’m soooo grateful. What coincidences in this story. Thanks to everyone who supported me, listened to me, helped me in anyway!!

One thought on “Vancouver VI: wallet

  1. Bianca

    Still and after all…-what an unbelievable story and so glad how lucky you have been with this!! So I guess there ARE some really honest people in this world!! 🙂 Just visited your blog for the very 1st time…-good job!! And why again do I write to you in English?? 😉 Just wanted to let you know that I am happy we met on that Rocky-Tour and that we became friends. Once again: Funny, that I had to go to Western Canada to make a new friend in the city where I live now…-hahaha!! xxx

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