Vancouver V: end

There’s an end even though it’s only partly because tomorrow is my last day at school. Isn’t it incredible how fast these two weeks went by? I had a good time in the business english class and I met lots of different nationalities and interesting people. I had a good time and I’d love to stay longer 😀 Today I got some advices how I can stay on the english track back home. She suggested to contact the canadian embassy to ask if there are some events like pizza-night or other coming-together-and-practice-english and she also encouraged me to do the advanced certificate of english. So I’m really thinking about to do this. Anyway I guess I’m lucky that I have friends in Zurich with whom I have to speak English and I can skype with some friends overseas 🙂

One other topic that keeps in my mind is, how surprisingly, my weight. I know what you’re thinking: Don’t care about this. I didn’t really care the last 14 days and I ate what I wanted to. I ate lots of chocolate because I wanted to try but unfortunately I feel that I already gained weight. So I don’t regret that I went so many times to the Rocky Mountains Chocolate factory I really love their chocolate stuff but I also like to care about myself. I don’t need three of the cookies at school. One for trying is also enough, right? I’m trying to listen to my stomach if I’m hungry or not. Today I skipped the breakfast because I was still so full from the awesome dinner yesterday and so I only got a protein shake in Downtown which I really liked. This is one thing I want to take back to Switzerland: make more Smoothies and shakes. Can anyone recommend a good device for that? 😉 Anyway I got a salad on the bar for lunch which I also miss in Switzerland. You make so many different and healthy choices and arrange you personal portion. Yummie! I also like to walk more again because it’s beautiful here and you almost can’t get lost because of their street system. In the afternoon I went to the grocery store to get some food for dinner because my lovely homestay family is out for dinner tonight to celebrate a birthday. I got some celery which I can dip in Hummus. I loove that. I also bought chicken breast but I didn’t need it because I was already full. So besides the peanuts I ate when I came home I had a pretty good day and I’m happy. Hope I can stay on track 😉

Oh and on Saturday morning I will leave for my 9-days-trip as I told you already. I’m excited for the Rockies and hope for some nice non-party-people 🙂

Allright, that’s it for the moment. I hope you’re enjoying summer and are happy :-*

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