Vancouver IX: Granville

Yesterday I spent another relaxing and spontaneous day in Vancouver. I stayed in bed for a little bit longer, I ate my cereals with some fruits and drank my mint tea. In the early afternoon I left the house to take a bus up to Granville Street. It took me the last four weeks to unterstand their bus system roughly. I got out on 16th and walked from shop to shop and down to Granville Island. This is a wonderful area of Vancouver with lots of lovely shops, a huge farmers market and delicious food 🙂 I’m glad I found a new wallet which is a bright color and good to find in my bag. I saw this type a lot in the last few weeks and I really wanted to buy one because it’s a Canadian brand 😉 Beside some souvenirs for friends I also tried Rugelach (jewish pastry) and bought such a delicious walnut bread.

By the way: I baked yesterday 🙂 Made some Oreo-Muffins for my hostfamily and they liked it 🙂

One more day I walked a lot, enjoyed, didn’t hurry, relaxed and went to bed happy 😉

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