Vancouver IV: enjoy

Yes, you’re right, I’m enjoying my time in Vancouver. More and more 🙂

First week of school is over and tomorrow in the early morning I’m leaving the city for my first trip. I’m going to Tofino (please zoom in to see more details), a little village on an Island in the pacific. Look up my tour 😉 I’m looking forward to watching whales, hiking in the rain forest and seeing some canadian nature. I don’t know yet any people from my schol who are also coming, so hopefully there are some nice new ones.

At school I’m in a group of five. Three (including me) are from Switzerland, one is from Austrian and one is from Russia. For me it’s lots of business-related topics, but I’m happy to study any kind of stuff. I’m happy when I can talk and discuss. I already met some really nice guys from other countries like Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Korea, Spain… It’s very interesting to get to know other cultures.

Oh, and I just booked my 9-days-tour through west canada and to the Rockies which I will start just Saturday afters school. I’ll travel with a hop-on and hop-off system called Moose and will stay in Backpackers. I’m also really excited about this trip.

On the 15th July I’ll be back in Vancouver for ten days and luckily I can come back to my homestay as a homebase and will do some day trips (Seattle, Grouse Mountain…). I even maybe go to Yukon for four days 😀 Have to check if there’s availability but I’d love to see the midnight sun in the north. We’ll see though.

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