Vancouver III: fun

Sunday is almost gone and I’m again writing a blogpost.

This morning I woke up at six and felt bad. Homesick, again. I had some sad discussions and some nice chats with friends in Switzerland. I cried but after 1.5hours I tried to sleep again. And I did, for about two hours. Luckily I felt better then.

Yesterday afternoon my homestay mum picked me up at the BnB in Westend and we drove to their house in he southern part of Vancouver. It’s very peaceful and pretty quiet area but I like it. I enjoyed the afternoon sun on their patio and looked into huge trees 🙂 Catherine made such a delicious dinner: pasta salad with dried tomatos, lettuce with parmesan & mushrooms and some meat. This morning I got some cereals with plain yogurt and I tried banana bread for my first time. I like it tough 🙂 After some reading Catherine drove me to the point where I should meet Tara (my BnB host) later. Because I was early I headed down the MacDonald street to the Volunteer Park on the beach. Beautiful place and amazing view on Stanley park, westend and downtown.

Anyways we met each other to visit the greek days. It’s kind of a festival on the closed Broadway and with lots of greek food, art, crafts and so on. I tried Souvlaki which is a pita bread with chicken, tzaziki, tomatoes and herbs. I loved it! I’m happy that I also got some souvenirs for myself and some friends 🙂 Yes, it was fun to be there and I really like to be with Tara. My way back home I made by foot and it took about one and a half hour but it was beautiful residential houses.

Today’s dinner was stir fried vegetables, some shrips and tofu. Yummie! And just a few minutes ago I found out that beside I have to pay for incoming calls on my canadian prepaid number I also have to pay for incoming text messages. So it’s great that Tara also have an iPhone and we can be in contact by iMessage or Viber for free 🙂

I’m getting tired now. So have a good start in Switzerland and I say good night 🙂

3 thoughts on “Vancouver III: fun

  1. sandra

    schön hät sich din tag no so is positive kehrt 🙂

  2. Fällt es Dir auch auf: von Tag zu Tag wird’s besser. Ich freue mich schon jetzt auf den letzten Blogbeitrag aus Vancouver „Ich möchte noch nicht nach Hause :)“.

  3. So, since I’m one of those friends in Switzerland who was arguing w/ u I’m really glad your Sunday turned well. As Marcel put it – you’re doing better day by day 😉 Sleep well, and be sure: You don’t want to come back to this shitty rainy grey-and-aweful Zurich weather right now…

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