Vancouver II: thoughts

Not even 24hours after my last blogpost I’m here again. Strange and maybe too much, but I have to write down some thoughts.

Yes, I’m only away for three days now and I’m already that much homesick. Bad, I know. Don’t misunderstand me, I really like the city and I’m not staying at my b’n’b all the time. I’m walking a lot, exploring the neighborhoods of Vancouver, enjoy the harbor, go to cafés and even ate dinner at a big restaurant, by myself. I’m thinking a lot. About myself, my life, my future. I think there are no different thoughts than I had in Switzerland the last few weeks. I think I lost my appetite somewhere. I’m only eating breakfast and dinner. Sadly I’m also drinking less than in Switzerland, but I’m fine and without headache, luckily. I’d love to discover the food of Canada, but I’m not hungry and I’m already full after a big cup of tea. It also feels weird in my throat, like something sticks in it.

I try to enjoy Vancouver as good as possible but I’d rather be here together with someone than alone. Yes I will be meet lots of people in school on monday and I’m looking forward to that! I just have to overcome the time until then. In half an hour my hostmum is picking me up in Westend. I’m excited to meet her, the whole family and where they live. I hope they include me the weekend in some stuff they’re usually doing.

But I’m also really anxious about the time after school. Because I don’t want, no I can’t travel around by myself. That’s not me. I don’t want to organize all by myself, be alone all the time. I know I will meet lots of people in school who want to travel with me, hopefully. But if not, I guess I’m coming back home. I know, some people are thinking you’re crazy, enjoy yourself, explore Canada. But lots of them never travelled alone or they are always so they are used to it and it’s what they like. I’m not. Judge me, if you want. I am who I am.

One thought on “Vancouver II: thoughts

  1. Kathryn

    Dear Rahel, I saw your photo from Greek Days on Facebook and it looks lovely! You’re also blogging in English which is awesome — I can read your posts now!! (And yes, I AM reading, btw!) 🙂 Hang in there during these first days. It will get easier. But you know that, you’re well-traveled yourself darling, being away from home is never easy but always rewarding. Time passes quickly and before you know it you’ll be back home with a boatload of good memories and new friends.

    Looking forward to reading more here and keeping up with how your adventure unwinds. Thanks for writing, Andrew and I are thinking of you and wishing you well! Goodnight dear, Enjoy!

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