Vancouver I: explore

I’m saying hi from Vancouver. I’m here for three days now and I’m still settling in. Well, and I have to settle in again tomorrow. But now step after step.

The flight from Zurich to Vancouver was fine. It was amazing to see Iceland and Greenland. Huge glaciers.

I like the airport of Vancouver, how it looks like. Lots of wooden art and already some water games like fountains. The customs were horrible. I had to stand in the line for about 30mins, forgot to answer all question on the visitor form and forgot my passport on the table where I completed it. The lady was annoyed and unfriendly. Anyway I came to the bagage claim and already saw my backpack. It was easy to find the sky train to the city and lucky me I also found my host for the next three nights in the sitting area next to the train station 🙂

Tara is lovely and kind and gorgeous. The apartment where she and her husband live is beautiful and I immediately felt comfortable. If somebody else is travelling to Vancouver, I highly recommend this airbnb in the westend-neighborhood. On my first evening here she invited me to join her and her friends to a baseball game and I was really excited. Unfortunately we locally found out that the game was sold out. Instead of the game she took time to show me parts of the city by car 🙂

Yesterday I firstly went for a walk along the harbor. It’s awesome to stand in front of the sea and see huge mountains just on the other side. After that I had a big breakfast at home. Then I went for another walk to explore the city. So I headed to the other side of Vancouver and walked along the beach. On both walks I also came through downtown and saw lots of skyscraper. These are the moments when I feel soo tiny and lonely. The afternoon I was sleeping because I was exhausted and also to hole up. In the evening Tara and I made sandwiches and went for a bike ride around stanley park. Only counterclockwise 😉 I really enjoyed her company and the chat with here. She’s only one year older than me but was so many times travelling alone. Wow!

Today I woke up at 5. I don’t think it’s because of the jetlag. I’ve go a strange sleeping rhythm already in Switzerland, for days and weeks. Anyway I got up and filled out the forms I had to do for the school and before six I left the appartement to go for a run. Well, it turned out I’m not fit at all. After 17mins of running I walked. So I came back at around 7.30h and went back to bed. As soon as I was alone at home I tried to get up and took a shower. After breakfast I was pretty much homesick and I had a call with my mum and my best friend. Thank you so much, my dear!

Anyway after the sickness was gone I headed out again. I wanted to see some racoons and other ‚wildlife‘ around the ‚lost lagoon‘ but there was nothing besides the ducks, swans and a little turtle. I came home after I bought a prepaid card for my iPhone 3Gs and went out again because I had an appointment with my swiss friend who’s living in Vancouver for years now. I walked through downtown and ended in Gastown which is a lovely neighborhood 🙂 I stopped in the brioche café for a tea. I’m really grateful I could meet my friend afterwards for a hot chocolate. It was awesome to talk in swiss german and I felt more comfortable afterwards. He also showed me a super delicious thai restaurant called SalaThai where I ate my red curry alone. Although meanwhile it’s easy to sit in a café by my own it’s strange to eat alone in a restaurant.

For my way home I choose Robson street and I found an amazing shop called ‚Rock mountain chocolate factory‘. There you can get apples in all sorts of covering, lots of different fudges, popcorn, chocolate and Ice cream. I looks fantastic but I was already full and the bite of chocolate and cookies’n’cream fudge was too much. So I sat in a Blenz coffee shop (I guess the canadian Starbucks, altough they are also here) and drank a tea while staying with foreign people. Well I didn’t talk to anybody but psssht 😉

Now 9pm is gone and I’m tired. I’m going to bed soon because I’ll visit a small farmers market in the morning. I’m sad that I have to leave Tara that soon but I’m excited to meet my hostfamily for the next two weeks.

talk to you soon then 😉

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