Today I had another really nice evening with a lovely person and that inspired me to this Thank-you post.

During the day I had some phone calls with friends and family and feel so grateful to have all this lovely people around me. I feel flattered when I hear that someone is missing me. It’s nice to hear that I’m an important part of their life.

I was so happy to talk to my best friend. She felt so close. I’m soooo happy to have her.

When I was talking to my NY-friend in Zürich I was overwhelmed when she told me she’s missing me.

There’s also an austrian friend who’s living in Zürich who’s always there for me. He’s listening and he’s pushing but in a friendly way.

One of my closest friends in Switzerland is very direct. Sometimes it’s hard to listen to it but she’s most of the time right 😉

Also my grandma was happy to hear me and asked if I will visit her in my week after Canada and before my new job 🙂

I’m very thankful that I met my Mexican friend in school. When I met her for a tea yesterday I didn’t expect that she’s as happy as I was to see each other.

And tonight I went out for dinner with the host from my BnB at the beginning of my tour. Oh gosh, it’s so wonderful that I met her. We just match so well. I’m really looking forward to seeing her (and her husband) again in December, when they’re travelling through Europe 🙂

When I heard the news that my  friends in Texas got engaged I was so happy for them. They’re gorgeous and it’s so great to know them. Can’t wait for their wedding. Just kidding, K. and A. you don’t have to invite us. I guess you have enough friends back home 😉 But if you’re getting married in Switzerland… 😀

Oh and don’t forget my friends I met on the Rockies-Tour. Also some wonderful women who I hopefully meet again back in Switzerland or Germany.

Don’t forget my dad who just called me today on Skype by chance. It touched my heart when I heard how happy he was to reach me.

Another message that made me smile was a text from my mum after she saw my pictures from the Rockies: „If you’re going back to the Rockies one day, I’ll join you. It’s amazing out there.“ I know and I’d love to hike there with her but I’m afraid of the brown and grizzly bears 😉

I shouldn’t forget my hostfamily either. They’re sooo lovely people. They really care about me, pester me with questions, spoil me. Sigh, it’s wonderful!

Last but not least I’m very very grateful for all the support by Twitter. My followers know probably everything about my. They had to go up and deep down and they always supported and strengthen me.

Now I have about one week left here in Canada. I enjoy it, I really do. But I’m also looking forward to seeing again my boyfriend and I’m so happy he picks me up at the airport although it’s in the middle of a weekday :-*

Thanks, so much, y’all 🙂

2 thoughts on “Thanks!

  1. Miss uuuu au gaaaanz feeeescht 😀
    Chum wieder hei, es regnet da mega schööön!!


  2. let’s keep on pushing, ya? thanx for this great and unexpected post

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