my class

is really international. Today morning we get the information in which class we are for the next twelve weeks and how looks our timetable like 😉 In our lass we have four koreans, three swiss people, a girl from Holland (exactly from Utrecht ;)), one guy from Berlin (Germany) and one from Spain. We make the rule, that we have to speak in English when we’re in the class or out of class but with people form other countries. We’ve school in the morning from 8.30 am till 10.35 am and 12.50-2.55pm Monday to Friday. And on Tuesday and Thursday we should go the the Learning-Center, for studying what we specially need for ourselves. I would like to improve my vocabulary to understand and speaking more. In the Learning-Center we can watch DVDs (naturally just in English), borrow books from the little library, learning  on the computer, listen audio books, … The teachers are all very friendly, easy and helpful. The other classmates are all friendly and opened to speak

Today I have signed up for my first social activity on thursday. I’m going to visit the Sky Tower 😉

Just one other topic: Food 😀 Dinner today were potatos, just a little bit freezed-vegetables and ham once again :-/ I hope for tomorrow…

Ok, so thats enough for today. I have to do my homework and then I think, I’m going to sleep. Good night and read you later.


One thought on “my class

  1. good morning, my sunshine,

    ehm, my english is not perfect, sorry. I hope you have tomorov very vegatable with rice ;.-)

    Have jou nice day

    Sorry my english;-/


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