I’v visited the Sky Tower

At first I’ll say sorry, that I don’t show any pictures yet, but I’d no time.

School was interesting and demanding today like yesterday =) It was our first short lunchtime today, because we had school until 10.35am and then Learning-Center until 12pm. So we had only 30minutes to eat something. I went to the university with other classmates and ordered a lovely ‚madras curry‘. yummie 🙂 1.50pm we had our afternoon-class with Jeremy until 3pm and afterwards I meet Sally to visit the Sky Tower. It’s 328m and higher than all other towers in Australia took 🙂 There you can try to do a SkyJump. It’s to difficult to explain, whats the different between this and Bungeejumping is. Google it 😀 Sally said also, that you can bungeejump in New Zealand only over water, and not over land 😀 It’s better, when you don’t see how explot a human… Ok, the view from the SkyTower over the city was soo… exciting, wonderful, WOW 🙂 Our school, the museum of Auckland, any vulcanos, the ferry to Davenport, ‚my‘ Birkenhead, the harbor where the america’s cup was, … 🙂 And the weather was changing every minute: sometimes the sun was shining, sometimes we saw the rain. I met some new students from Brazil and Korea. We talked a lot and were there for the longest time of the group. We had so much fun, also we were in the giftshop 😀 So funny hats and earwarmers with sheep *lol*

So, today I didn’t get potatos at home. They ordered takeaway again and for today it was pizza. I like it, but yeah… that’s also not really healthy. BUT, there was a big (for my hostfamily big) pot of salad on the table and I ate all of them 😀 With the strange fix ‚Salad sauce‘ from the fridge =)
Before I came home, I was in a foodcorner and bought some food and stuff. I need fruits and vegetables. I saw pineapple for 2$ (I think?) and I’m looking forward to eat this. A few minutes from now I cut it but I was really disappointed. No smelling 🙁

Now I think it’s enough for today. I’m tired and should sleep. Sorry for my family-members, that I’m writing in English 😉 It’s just writing…

ask, if you don’t unterstand something!!!
Love Radisli

2 thoughts on “I’v visited the Sky Tower

  1. Ma

    Hallo Rahel
    D Vespa muesch umbedingt probierä, das isch sicher lässig, ich hett jo schu lang gärä eini, ber jetz woni z Hochfäldä schaffä bruchi jo keini me.
    Bi dinn schu frou winnt ab und zue glich no chli dütsch schribsch vum letschtä Bricht hani nämli würggli nüt verstandä.
    Machs witerhin guet
    Liebi Grüess Ma

  2. Salü =)

    Hehe, für was hetsch dänn gärn ä Vespa? Ich bis mär no am übärleggä, öbi das würkli mach und wänn ja öb mit öppär andäräm bzw. mit wäm. Muss uf dä Touri-Info mal frögä, wiä das isch au mit äm Uswiis us dä Schwiiz isch. Deht chönti ja kä Vespa fahrä :-/
    We will see.

    also, probiärä wiedär chli dütschi bricht z’schribä =)

    grüässli Rahel

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